Friday, May 29, 2009

Which Tail Should I Choose?

May 29, 2009 (part II)

So here is the question:
In your opinion, which tail is better; the one on the left, or the one on the right?

I'm going to run the poll throughout the weekend and based upon your vote, I'll use which ever wins. The poll starts now (29May09) and will run until Monday Morning (01Jun09). You can leave a comment on here, facebook, or email me (

I will say this, the only difference between the two is the height, otherwise, they are the same.

As stated before, I like the one on the right. It looks more like a P-51 tail. I think the shorter tail goes better with the stubby wing and elevator, but it does not look like a P-51 tail to me.

Here is a layout of what I conquored...err.... completed today, including the nose bowls. I will be taking a lot of these parts next Monday down to NAS Norfolk to the woodshop to sand the angles in. I sometimes forget that it's available, and they have quite a substantial amount of power tools and equipment available. I'll post the next update onces something more exciting than sanding happens! It will likely be another 10-20 hours of sanding before any more building happens, but stay tuned!


  1. Tail on the left is my vote! (P-51D I'm guessing?)

  2. It came down to you! I ended up compromising between the two tails and sanded the "H" model tail down to a height in between the "D" and "H". I think it looks better that way!