Friday, June 5, 2009

Sanding sealer

Today I finished putting on bondo in the areas that were in need of filler. I opted to not concern myself on the lower surfaces simply because there is no reason that these will be exposed, and the chances of this thing being upside-down are slim, so those blemishes on the stab and wing are staying.

One super tough area that I have given up on is where the trailing edge of the stab and the fuselage meet, it's very difficult to get in there with a sander, so it's going to stay blemished. It's low enough to the ground, and far enough underneath that no one but I will be the wiser that there is a blemish.

I put on the first coat of sanding sealer on all parts, including all of the wood that is inside. I won't worry about sanding these parts, but I wanted it to have some protection beyond over sprayed paint.

I ordered the Sheet metal kit, Hardware and Wheels kit, Steel kit, and the Paul I decals. I am hoping that these come in before I leave for my mini vacation in Ohio next week. My goal is to have the fuse and wing primed, sanded, sealed, primed again, and then a coat of white paint by Sunday. I'm going to start working on the landing gear too, since I did not cut out those parts yet (The last parts left to be cut)

By my calculations, this will be done the last week of June, so I will be able to take photos with DD2.

The last thing I am researching tonight is the possibility of getting custom decals made so to make the numbers, words/letters, and the witch.

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