Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is a build following for the Aviation Products, Inc. P-51 Pedal Plane, which was introduced at Oshkosh 1993. I was able to build this plane in under 3 weeks, but only due to very long hours of time per day devoted to the build. The post are in reverse chronological order, so please go to the May 2009 page (or go to the "Older Post" links at the bottom of the page until you are at the beginning). Please ignore any spelling errors that I might have missed (or at least spell check missed!)


  1. Hi!
    My name is Douglas and live in Curitiba - Brazil...
    I see your job with th P-51, congratulations, you do a nice pedal plane.
    I had started a project of pedal plane some time ago using foam and fibreglass, but had big problems with direction system...
    I dont got make a light system, and my boy dont got turn the plane.
    See video in
    Like know if you can send me pictures show your direction system in details fr help me finish my project.
    Thanks you so much and congratulations again!

  2. Hi Doug!

    I can see what I can do. The system that I have in this is the stock kit from Aviation Products, and it looks fairly simple. I don't have the schematic in front of me, but I'll describe it to the best of my abilities, and I'll draw it out and send it to your email that you provided. It might take a few days, but please bear with me.

    Your best bet might be to order the kit from aviation products, inc., but I'm not sure if your looking to do that route.

    Your plane looks fantastic!

  3. Also, see this link. You can see the almost identical setup for steering linkages in some of the pictures here. I think I might try a triplane for the next build. She does a wonderful job describing the build as well.


  5. Thank you! the link is very usefull!!!

  6. My apologies on the delay, I had every intention of drawing out the schematic, but my wife went into labor just hours after starting the drawing! I'll still post it up on here, but it will somewhat be completed from memory.

    One other suggestion is if you purchase the plans to build the Aviation Products, Inc.'s webpage, the plans ($22 US) have the drawings on both the plans as well as in the instructions. I'm not prompting you to purchase the plans, but they are more comprehensive than I could be!