Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sailing, sanding, filling, more sanding

June 2, 2009

Not a whole lot different stuff happened today on the project, but I did make forward progress. I had to replace my 12 year old Dremel tool today, it stripped out completely and I have a bit stuck in it, and no way of getting it out. I got the 100 model, which is the baseline one, to replace my 500 series Dremel. I rarely use anything other than full RPM's so having a variable speed tool like my old one (and shelling out more money for one) didn't seem smart. I also bought some sanding sealer for later.

Zinger emailed me back and said they can help me out! I'm going to have an aluminum nose cone for the front which is going to cut down a significant amount of time, and be more durable (not that this will nose over, but it might get bumped and bashed.)

I feel that some of the plans and directions lead to more work than necessary, and I am taking shortcuts. So far, this has not caused any issues, and I highly doubt that it will, but if this was a REAL airplane, I'd follow the directions without deviating. Some of this is my knowledge of building model airplanes, and other stiff is common sense. For example, if you use clamps, why would you use a wood screw to hold something in place until dry, and then remove those screws?

I bought the wood screws required for is project, but instead of the dimpled washers that the plans call for, and I'm using finishing washers instead. These washers are on the underside of the wing where it attaches to the fuse, so you won't see them anyway.

No pictures today, the work that I did today looks very similar to yesterdays, so no point in photos! I had duty today, which my summer duty is to help out the sailing at ROTC. I got about 2 1/2 hours of real sailing today, and was given my "Ensign" initiation by my LT as he boarded my Laser after numerous attempts to flip me, he was only able to flip my by boarding my sailboat. I was quick and jumped on the dagger board that was out of the water, so i still wasn't wet, but he nearly "turtled" us to get me in the water. It was a fun and productive day all around!

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